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- Telemedicine -

We are now offering this option.  Telemedicine consults need to be scheduled by phone or email ( 

The cost of the consult is $60 for the first 20 minutes and is to be paid when the consult is scheduled. These consults will be conducted using the Zoom app. 

This requires that you have internet access and a computer or mobile phone to download the app. This consult is not a substitute for an in-person exam as we will need to follow up with a treatment plan and recommendations. 

Approximately 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment, you will need to email Dr. Pepin at to invite her to the Zoom conference. 
She will reply at the prearranged appointment time to start the consult.

PLEASE DO NOT bring your pet to the hospital if you are sick or any person that you have been in contact with is sick or is COVID-19 positive. If this situation applies to you and your pet needs care, please call to set up a telemedicine consult or phone consult.

There is no evidence that people can transmit COVID-19 to their pets or that dogs or cats can transmit this virus to people. However, as an extra precaution, we are wiping your pet down with a moist Dawn washcloth as they enter the hospital and as they leave the hospital.  Pet carriers are also treated the same way.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call.  We will get through this together.

On March 18, Ohio Governor Mike Dewine requested for all veterinarians in the State of Ohio to delay all nonessential or elective procedures and surgeries in order to preserve personal protective equipment.

This is a list of what we at Tender Loving Care Animal Hospital will be implementing to abide by these guidelines.

1) No spays or neuters are to be performed unless medically necessary.

2) Medically necessary surgeries WILL continue to be performed.

3) No preventative dental cleanings are to be performed. However, dental procedures WILL still be performed to treat painful and infected mouths.

4) No nail trims or anal gland expressions unless deemed medically necessary.

5) Vaccinations to prevent zoonotic disease (diseases that can be transmitted from pets to people and vice versa) (RABIES, LEPTOSPIROSIS) and vaccinations to preserve the health of pets and prevent life-threatening disease (i.e. Distemper/Parvovirus, Lyme) will continue to be performed. Puppies and kittens will still be evaluated and vaccinated.

6) Sick and injured pets will continue to be given medical care.

7) Pets with chronic conditions will continue to be treated (i.e. skin/ear disease, kidney disease, liver disease, heart disease, cancer, osteoarthritis disease).

8) Pets' painful conditions will continue to be managed and treated.

9) Pets will continue to be prescribed heartworm prevention and flea and tick prevention and medications will continue to be refilled for chronic conditions.

10) If end-of-life care is needed, we will continue to provide that care in the most compassionate and loving way possible for the patient and their family.

For more information on TLC Animal Hospital’s response to COVID-19, click here.

For more information on Curbside Service, click here.

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