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- Curbside Service -


Upon arrival in the parking lot, call our front desk at 330-725-0241 to check in for your appointment. Please STAY IN YOUR CAR for the duration of the appointment.

We will come out to your car to escort your pet into the hospital.  We will pick up pet carriers from your car.  We will place two sanitized hospital leashes on your pet and remove your leash. Your leash will remain in your car.  Please be respectful throughout the appointment process of social distancing between yourself and our team of at least 6 feet.  We encourage both you and our team to wear masks.


Once the technician and your pet are in the hospital, the technician will call you and gather medical details about your pet’s needs.


Our doctor and technician will examine your pet with the same care and attention that we have always given including extra TLC hugs and treats!


The doctor will then call you and discuss the care of your pet and get approval for the treatment plans.


At the end of the appointment, the customer care representative will call you for payment.  At this time, we prefer debit or credit cards, but we will accept checks or cash.  We will also schedule any follow-up appointments during this call.


Lastly, we will safely bring your pet out to your car so that you may be reunited with your furry friend.


Medication and Food Pick-up:


Please call us when you arrive from the parking lot.

We will accept payments over the phone.


Then we will bring out the medication and food to your car.  We are careful to wipe the outside of prescription bottles and food bags and cans with a disinfectant.  We do advise that you do the same when you get home.

For more information on TLC Animal Hospital’s response to COVID-19, click here.

For more information on Telemedicine, click here.

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