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- Drug Monitoring -

Why is it drug-monitoring lab work important? It helps us prescribe the proper medication at the proper dosage. Every pet is different and may therefore react differently to medications. We want to make sure your pet’s medication is right for his or her age, size, breed, and physical condition. By doing drug-monitoring blood work and a urinalysis, we can catch adverse reactions sooner and we can evaluate your pet for any side effects, potential complications, and interactions with other drugs.

Routine blood and urine testing may uncover a hidden ailment or condition that requires or alters our recommended course of treatment. We can establish a baseline picture of your pet’s health to show what is “normal” for him or her, and it can determine when changes in your pet indicate areas of concern. Yearly or bi-yearly monitoring can help us keep an eye on your pet’s blood and urine levels, and can alert us when any changes have occurred.

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